cognitive dissident (ariael) wrote,
cognitive dissident


I obsoletely must have faith (an act) in the universals. How still?
And my search for the sublime... all kantian and platonician inheritance from Monsieur Benoist, l'initiateur.
Is there a game in my seeking for sublime, and encountering it, the renewed assertion of my faith in reason, the favor I give to the noumenal. I illustrate the inadequacy between imagination and reason myself, seeking for another mean now. Permanent development of our faculties, I loathe to make choices. One thing is sure, I shouldn't apply to myself/my creative process or own sensitive experience the analytic discourse. I do it though. Again, another limit-field: phenomenology. And how back then I couldn't end my written sentences (one re-seized opening flow of perceptive experience... limit of the structure of the analytic discourse/ inachieved delivering datas ) and ended up speaking like I wrote... wasn't I fun in parties...
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My God! Are you reading Alain de Benoist? How far we have diverged to come together again! It's a very strange world, life.
Grand Dieu non!! It was my honorable first philosophy teacher! Claude Benoist who introduced me to that awaiting discipline. You're reading A de Benoist hah! Quel agitateur. I mean polemic is fun.
we have a lot of similar interests. i'm looking for some new journal friends, could you be it?
You would be fun at parties, Kant or no...
Joyeux Noel 2013!