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cognitive dissident
18 December
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"Shatters" she said darkly (but she sounded like a child trying to sound like a monster)

"Bits and Pieces" she shrieked and ran out to throw herself spining spining on the shore.
(deep) french kissing, 2001, 8-bit, andrei tarkovski, androgynity, anthony goicolea, anti-poodle, arch_me, architecture, astronomy, ballerinas, balthus, baudelaire, berlin black, bigendered, black russian, blade runner, blonde redhead, bloodtaste, bondage (a little), bret easton ellis, c-men, chiba city blues, close to your skin, contortions, cucumber and little cress, cyberpunk, dario argento, david lynch, dizzy heights, dripping saliva, dylan thomas, döppelganger, eyes and lips, fancydress, fighting the wind, firedancing, fur, geeky girls, getting lost, ghost in the shell, gormenghast, graceful freaks, gymnasts, half of scissors, hardcore x nap, henry darger, hide&seek, hijacks, hoffmann, holy graal, humbert humbert, husserl, iain banks, incandescent things, incest, jan svankmajer, japan, japanese toys, jean-luc godard, jelly on the plate, joy division, jupiter, kazuo ishiguro, kittens, l'indécence, la decadence, lain, les enfants terribles, lewis carroll, little boys, little fishies, little girls, lost kids, lost wishes, malice@doll, marylin manson, mbv, memory, metal, mistakes, modifying ai, mon très cher gabriel, morbid angels, more knobs, munch and suck, musical mac, narcisse, narcosis, needles, neil gaiman, nico, nine inch nails, nirvana, not too much sophistication, nouvelle vague, nudity, odd kiwi's music, onanism, patrick white, paw_you, perpetual metamorphose, phenomenology, picking up colours, pier paolo pasolini, practising shallowness, radiohead, replicant, ruffles, scents, secrecy, serge gainsbourg, shades of grey, shuriken, siblings, sighs, silence, skinny dipping, sly smiles, snow, socks all-sort, spinning around, starfall, storm, sushi, swinging my legs about, sylvia plath, tea parties, tentacle, the cement garden, the cure, the dreaming, the endless, the factory, the footage, the looking-glass side, tim burton, time bandits, to be cat-eared, transarchitecture, trust, ultraviolence, understanding: analytic intelligence, venomenology, vladimir nabokov, william gibson, yogi spider, yoshitaka amano, yukio mishima

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